12-18 HOURS

Short Track courses are designed to provide targeted training in areas specific to a student’s goals as a makeup professional. No application is necessary to attend a Short Track course; however, proof of a cosmetology or aesthetician license are required for programs designed for licensed professionals.

You must be 18 years of age to attend a Short Track course. Younger students will be considered with written permission from a parent or guardian.

All Short Track courses are limited to six participants per session and students who successfully meet the program goals will receive a Certificate of Completion.

bridal makeup and business workshop (12 hours, $1,200)

Makeup for brides is one of the most steady and lucrative areas of the beauty industry, and working with brides requires the highest levels of commitment, responsiveness and flexibility.

Founder and headmistress Beke Beau leads this two-day workshop, sharing her strategies and secrets for building a great reputation and a successful, bridal-focused business. Day One focuses on business, including administration, marketing, building your team, communicating with clients and their wedding professionals, and on-site conduct. Day Two will be a hands-on tutorial focused on creating a classic, long-lasting, waterproof bridal application that photographs beautifully.

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from a multi-award winning 25-year veteran of the bridal beauty industry. Limited to six participants.

Makeup and grooming for Commercial Photography and video (12 Hours, $800)

There are a wide variety of opportunities in providing makeup and grooming services (including hair) for photo, video and television. Print, web and social media advertising, e-commerce retail, corporate and commercial videos all require a solid understanding of what is expected on set in terms of both conduct and outcome. Students will learn how to produce the looks and finishes most often sought after in these mediums, and which products to have on hand to achieve optimum results quickly. Training includes on-camera simulation, a brown bag Q & A with photography and media professionals, daily demonstrations and hands on practice. In addition, students will learn how to seek out and improve their chances of booking commercial opportunities.

makeup for hair stylists (12 hours, $800)

Opportunities for work and income increase when a hair stylist can also offer a makeup application as part of their service, most commonly for special events. In this two day workshop, hair stylists will learn how to execute a clean, polished makeup application for a range of clients. Topics include building an efficient, portable makeup kit, effective consultations for makeup applications, identifying bone structure and using color theory to make quick palette decisions. Training includes lecture, demonstrations, hands-on practice with models of various age ranges and skin tones.