Check back often for updates and additions to Paint’s workshop offerings and schedule.

intro to makeup for teens (SAturday, july 20, $150)

Paint is excited to present a one-day learning event for teens ages 12-17.   The schedule combines color theory, make-up tutorials and hands-on practice with an enriching side dish of real life/real world perspective on the pursuit of beauty ideals, and how it effects the way young people see themselves and others.

Teens have developed a passionate interest in the art of makeup as evidenced through the meteoric rise of content related to makeup in social media and in retail outlets.  Beke Beau, headmistress and founder of Paint, has created a unique opportunity for teens to learn about and play with color products in a realistic and healthy way.  This workshop, in addition to being super fun, is an experience that will set your teen on a healthy path to becoming a more knowledgeable and realistic user and consumer of beauty products.

Special topics include:

  • Is makeup good for you? Ingredients and more …

  • Simple, healthy skin care for teens.

  • Social media and makeup – is it for real?

In the Color Play section, campers will learn about color theory, how and why certain makeup colors are chosen, and what will work for them as teens. Makeup Learning Labs cover all the components of basic, age-appropriate makeup application, including eyes, cheeks, lips and skin. 

The day will end with an hour of supervised free makeup play, using products supplied by the Paint School.  Students can use the school’s photo booth to capture their looks – photos can be e-mailed or texted, uploaded to social media, and/or printed as a keepsake of their experience.

In addition to photos, students will receive a gift bag of makeup tools and products to take home.

The workshop is limited to twelve students. The day begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m., with a 30 minute lunch break. Students are asked to bring their lunch. Snacks and water will be provided by the school.

understanding skin for makeup professionals (3 hours, $125)

Skin is the canvas of a makeup professional, and knowing how to assess and prep a client’s skin, especially when it’s compromised by acne, rosacea or other challenge is critical to the success of any application. This is a workshop for those with no aesthetics training.

In this half day workshop, taught by clinical aesthetician Jane Marie D’Amato, participants will be given tools to recognize and address common skin conditions. The course will also cover common product ingredients, allergens and cosmetic and skincare products that minimize or improve skin issues before the makeup application begins.

False Lash Intensive (5 hours, $350)

Applying temporary false lashes quickly and successfully is one of the hallmarks of a true makeup professional.

In this full day, hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to choose, fit and apply both strip and individual lashes. Participants will leave the workshop with an enhanced understanding of how to coordinate lash and adhesive type with client/talent eye shape and a stronger vocabulary for communicating with clients about their best options for temporary lash enhancement.


Makeup professionals can increase their opportunities and client base by adding basic hair styling to their list of services.

Hands-on, full-day workshop taught by professional hair stylist and salon owner Amanda D’Andrea. Practice basic hair grooming, heat styling, pinning, teasing and more.