teaching the craft of makeup

At Paint, we focus on developing the skills necessary to thrive as a make-up professional, whether your goal is to work in retail, or with commercial or private clients.  The curriculum goes far beyond what you might be able to glean from watching a video tutorial or by sitting passively in a large lecture setting.   

from beginner to more advanced

In addition to the 36-hour Professional Beauty Makeup program, Paint offers Short Track courses in specific areas and one day workshops for aspiring/working professionals.

challenge yourself

Admission to the Professional Beauty Makeup program at Paint is not simply a matter of paying the tuition; in order to ensure the success and reputation of the program and to graduate professionals that demonstrate the highest level of skill, prospective students must apply and be interviewed in order to be admitted.


Small class setting

Paint is a professional makeup school, located in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, within a working makeup studio. The six learning stations are lit by state-of-the-art Glamcor mirrors and are fully stocked with all the professional products and tools required for learning the craft of makeup.


Innovative, interactive approach to learning designed by master artist and educator Beke Beau.


Daily, hands-on practice and feedback.

At Paint, we know that the best way to learn is by doing. In the 36-hour Basic Beauty Makeup course, students will be working on a face from the very first day.